R&D (Research and development)

Disease Research Areas

At GNI Group Ltd., we conduct research and development in the anti-fibrosis disease area, focusing predominantly on the lung, liver and kidney organs. Lung fibrosis and cirrhosis are widespread throughout Asia and are known to have a high morbidity and mortality rate. Unfortunately, the available treatments for this serious diseases remain limited.

We concentrate our drug discovery activities in the China market, which offers the advantage of cost effective operations as compared to other markets such as Japan, the U.S. and Europe.

Research and Development Activities

The Company’s main research and development activities are as follows:

Drug product portfolio management, selecting promising candidates for proprietary and in-licensing development.

A key factor for success in the drug discovery is to accelerate the development cycle and reduce risk of failure. The most important aspect of these efforts is confirming the safety and efficacy through “proof of concept” (POC). At GNI Group Ltd. the preclinical team, pharmaceutical team, clinical team and other teams are all responsible for evaluating 16 component portfolio fields. These fields include cancer, respiratory disease, gastrointestinal disease, metabolic disease, inflammatory disease and antibodies.

As an example, we conducted CMC and pharmacological tests on the use of our drug product F573 for liver failure and acute-on-chronic liver failure (ACLF) treatment. F573 is in-licensed from a U.S. company for clinical development and commercialization in the China and Asian markets.

Discovery and development of inhibitory components for cancer treatment

The research team of GNI Group Ltd. identified a series of new components with a CDK inhibitory profile, which is indicated to have an inhibitive effect on numerous cancer targets. A preliminary study conducted on animal models has demonstrated effective results in fighting cancer. Additional derivatives have also be synthesized, and these have been shown to have a strong inhibitive effect on CDK and cancer cell lines. As such, they present patent-worthy compound structures and require further validation to produce lead candidates for indications of lung and liver cancer. In addition, we have conducted a broad range of research related to two drug discovery targets that we chose from a gene network research project. These targets indicate the potential to play a significant role in treating inflammatory diseases.

Outsourcing research and development business in collaboration with leading international pharmaceutical companies.

The research and development outsourcing department at GNI Group offers advantages that help customers expand revenue and build business relationships.