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Corporate Governance Policy

Basic principles regarding GNI corporate governance policy

The guiding principles of GNI’s corporate governance policy is to continually improve the long-term value of the corporation through the transparent and sound management of the business. It is the duty of the Board of Directors to serve as a prudent fiduciary for shareholders, ensuring management acts with integrity, honesty and transparency for the best interest of all stakeholders of the company.

Board Structure and Internal Controls

In June 2009, GNI adopted the “Company with Three Committees (Nomination, Audit and Remuneration)” business corporate structure. The Board is served by 3 committees (nominating committee; remuneration committee; and audit committee), each of which holds at least 3 members, the majority of which are outside directors. Executive officers are restricted from serving on the audit committee.

Board of Directors

Under the “Company with Committees” corporate structure, the Company’s Board of Directors meets quarterly. In addition, special meetings are held as necessary to decide on important issues of strategic or material nature, and for the timely oversight of business operations. GNI maintains a majority of outside directors on its Board, in order to ensure the Board’s independence and provide key financial, management and medical expertise to management.
The Company’s Articles of Incorporation provide the following stipulations concerning the Board of Directors: the total number of directors is limited at any one time to eight; the resolution to hold a meeting to appoint a director must be made by a majority of shareholders at the meeting; shareholders present at such meeting must represent at least one third of the total shareholders with voting rights; and any resolution of a meeting to appoint a director shall not be made by cumulative vote.

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee meets at least quarterly as stipulated, but additional meetings are held as necessary and in practice the Committee meets frequently. For Fiscal Year 2022, the Audit Committee consists of 3 outside directors who participate at all board meetings to monitor compliance and proceedings.

As part of the Audit Committee’s internal control function, it conducts systematic audits of all of the company’s business units, reviewing all documents and files as necessary as part of its function.

Executive Committee Meeting

The Executive Committee is comprised of the executive officers. Meetings are held on a regular basis to make key decisions, facilitate the management of the business, discuss outstanding issues and monitor subsidiary operations. The executive officers are responsible for specific business units, with general managers in charge of daily operations of the units and subsidiaries reporting to the appropriate Executive Committee member.

Internal Control and Audit System

As directed and approval by the Board of Directors, GNI maintains an internal control system, to ensure the appropriate and compliant management of the company. Internal audits are performed by internal auditors appointed by the Board of Directors and under supervision of the Audit Committee. These audits ensure the Company compliance with regulations and laws, monitor the business performances of operation units, and help to prevent errors and frauds.

External Auditor and Third Party Advisors

For Fiscal Year 2022, GNI has engaged Grant Thornton Taiyo LLC as the Company’s external auditor in accordance with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act. Any corrective actions or improvements suggested by the external auditor are promptly implemented by management. The Company will seek professional guidance from external sources such as attorneys, financial advisors or experts to assist and advise the Board of Directors and management.