About Us


Delivering life-saving drugs to needy patients in Asia and the world is our mission

Since its founding in 2001, GNI has evolved from a basic research idea on gene-networks to a fully-fledged young pharmaceutical company listed on the Mothers Board of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Our company has also grown from a small team of young scientists to a group of affiliated companies with operation campuses in Tokyo, Beijing, and Shanghai, which represent the 2nd and 3rd largest economies in the world. Most importantly, GNI Group managed to have its own drug producing factory in a prime location which is very rare among our peers.

Life sciences are the hopes for millions of patients suffering from thousands of types of diseases. When I started my career in the University of Connecticut Health Center, I believed that health is the ultimate goal for all mankind. Today, our company delivered ETUARY to Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis patients in China as the only approved therapy. It fulfilled the dreams of so many scientists in our company because we are able to impact other people's lives.

However, the fast pace of global pharmaceutical industry does not allow us to rest on our past achievements. Instead, GNI Group must continue to invent new drugs, to adopt new business models, and to explore in new directions. Delivering new drugs to patients suffering liver, kidney, and leukemia diseases is our new goal in the coming years.

In the past, global biotech industry has faced healthcare reform, the rising cost of drug development, financial crisis, and regulatory changes periodically. If we execute our strategy correctly, however, I am confident that GNI Group will grow from a mini multinational today to a real multinational group company in the future so that our drugs can bring more benefits to patients worldwide. Please continue to pay attention to our updated progress. We would greatly appreciate your patience and support in the coming years!

Ying Luo, PhD
Director, Representative Executive Officer, President and CEO