Investor Relations


Delivering life-saving drugs to needy patients around the world is our mission

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of you who have contributed to our group’s business activities, as well as to our many stakeholders who have supported our company on a daily basis.

We are confident that 2024 will be a year of great growth for our group.
We are promoting various positive projects, but the following four points are worth mentioning.

1. Completed Phase 3 clinical trial of F351 in China and received results
2. As disclosed by GYRE, the start of the MASH phase 2 clinical trial for F351 in the United States
3. Promote preparations to realize the value of Cullgen and other affiliated companies through listing on major stock exchanges.
4. Start of full-scale business development in Japan

We will work to expand our group’s business so that we can officially announce the above successes to everyone as soon as possible. Our goal is to continue to grow revenue and profits not only in 2024, which is clearly in sight, but also beyond that, and to become a member of a mid-sized global pharmaceutical company. I believe that our group is making steady progress toward achieving that goal.

Our group’s nearly 1,000 employees at headquarters and affiliated companies around the world continue to work hard to bring new medicines and treatments to patients with unmet medical needs. We will continue to grow without stopping.

Ying Luo, PhD
Director, Representative Executive Officer, President and CEO
April 1, 2024