Personal information protection policy

GNI Group Ltd. recognizes the importance of the personal information collected from our stakeholders. The Company considers the protection of personal information to be a fundamental policy of our corporation and regard it as one of the highest priority of management issues.

1.Basic policy

  1. GNI Group Ltd. strictly observes the Protection of Personal Policy Information Act and other related laws and regulations. The Company has also established internal rules (“the rules”) regarding the safeguarding of personal information. The implementation and maintenance of these rules are central to our firm, as well as making continuous effort to improve our actions.
  2. A management structure has been created for the protection of personal information, including the ensurance that directors and employees are fully aware and in strict observance of such rules.
  3. The use of personal information is only allowed within the approval scope. Personal information shall only be disclosed or released to a third party only after the Company has obtained the permission of the individual concerned or if there is a justifiable reason or requirement to do so.
  4. Personal information must at all times be accurately maintained and kept up-to-date, with every effort made to prevent unauthorized access, leakage, damage or mis-use. Such processes are to be continually improved and revise as necessary to assure security and safe-keeping.

2.Use of such Personal Information

The stated purpose of use of personal information must be clearly indicated prior to collection from individuals, and such use within the scope of the stated purpose. Should need arise to use the personal information beyond the stated use, the Company will endeavor to contact all such individuals concerned and obtain their consent. The Company will only use personal information after receiving such consent. The details regarding the purpose of use of personal information are provided below.

  1. Use of personal information
    • Delivery of products and information
    • Response to inquiries and requests
    • Conduct of surveys
    • Fulfillment of contract obligations
    • To hold business discussions and meetings with individuals
  2. Use of Applicant Individual Information
    • To contact and provide recruitment information to applicants (including for internship purposes)
    • To manage recruitment operations at the Company

3.Collection of personal information

Collection of personal information will be undertaken by legitimate and fair means

4.Release of Personal Information

  1. Personal information will only be disclosed or released to a third party under the following instances:
    • Disclosure or release has been agreed to by the individuals concerned
    • Disclosure or release is required to protect lives, health or property of individuals, or when consent is difficult to obtain from the individuals concerned.
    • Disclosure or release in order to assign the handling of personal information within the scope necessary under the purpose of use
    • Disclosure or release due to the succession of business that occurred as the result of a merger, company split, or the transfer of operations.
  2. Even if a situation fits the criteria listed in (1) above, the Company may share personal information with our affiliated companies, such as addresses, names, and telephone numbers, when deemed necessary for such affiliated companies to provide services and respond to inquiries. In these instances, the individuals concerned may ask the Company to stop sharing personal information with such affiliated companies.

5.Inquiries About Personal Information

For inquiries about the disclosure, correction, or deletion of personal information, please contact the Company by completing the following inquiry form.

Inquiry form

6.Other items

Access to Information

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