News Release

Regarding some speculative information on the transaction between GNI Group and Catalyst Biosciences

Dear Investors:

Regarding the transaction between GNI Group Co. Ltd. (“GNI” or “we) and Catalyst Biosciences, Inc. (“CBIO”), which we disclosed on December 27, 2022, we have recently noticed some speculative information such as the relevant authorities did not approve the transaction or CBIO will be delisted. Neither GNI nor its group companies have officially disclosed such information. Investors are advised to carefully check the source of such information before making investment decisions.

In addition, we would like to inform you that we make a strong protest against such baseless information, and if we believe that such information constitutes a violation of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, such as by spreading false rumors, we will take decisive measures such as contacting the Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission to investigate the matter.