News Release

Executives of Cullgen Inc. (Cullgen) and GNI Group Ltd. (GNI Group) have been invited to present research findings at three international drug discovery conferences in US and China.

1) Dr. Michael Plewe, Vice President of Chemistry of Cullgen, will give a presentation at the "1st Targeted Protein Degradation Summit 2018" in Boston, USA, on October 25, 2018.

2) Professor Yue Xiong, co-founder of Cullgen, has been invited to give a speech at the "The Protein Degradation Therapeutics Summit" in Boston, USA, on November 14, 2018.

3) Dr. Ying Luo, CEO of GNI Group and Cullgen, has been invited to present at "Trends in Global Anti-Cancer Drug Discovery and Development Summit" in Haiko, China, on November 17, 2018.